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Here's the DAVID HANKO PHOTOGRAPHY ADVANTAGE for your senior portraits:

Please read through this page.  Special offers are at the end!

Our updated senior portrait gallery can be found here.

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You'll simply look better. At DAVID HANKO PHOTOGRAPHY, our passion is to make you look better than you ever imagined. David’s artistic skill and craftsmanship flatter you in every way. He combines 24 years of camera and lighting know-how with the human touch of knowing how to put you at ease in front of his lens. This is why a David Hanko Photography senior portrait always stands out in the crowd.

A complete enhancement is included for every selected pose.  Most studios charge extra for this.  But, even if they don’t, what they can’t offer at any price is the level of our retouching.  Our skilled artist (who is our award-winning photographer) uses a variety of filters and special enhancements to give you that “super-model” look and create fantastic senior portraits.

Your finished portraits will have a durable acrylic surface and be carefully mounted to sturdy art-board to help keep their lasting beauty up to five times longer than the “raw” prints you get from other photographers.




Backgrounds, backgrounds, backgrounds!  Tired of seeing the same old dull and boring backgrounds and fake props in senior portraits? No one else even comes close to the number of background and prop combinations available at David Hanko Photography and we've added even more for 2010! You're assured of a totally unique look, so your pictures will NEVER look like someone else’s.  With David’s distinctive talent using “green screen” photography, you can have almost any background you can imagine.  Best of all, you can bring your own props!               





You choose exactly the styles of photography you like. No other senior portrait studio in the area gives you as many session choices. Choose from any combination of different sessions. You'll get a custom-designed shoot, just like the stars and models in Hollywood, New York or Miami! (click here to see our  “Choose Your Session” page)


Your portrait styles can include black and white or color tinted, formal or casual.  We can use grunge overlays, selective colorations or artistic borders.  Your name or year can be pseudo embossed on your wallets.  The list of ways we can modify the styles of your images is nearly endless.



“I HATE HAVING MY PICTURE TAKEN!"  Almost everybody feels this way before his or her session, but when they leave David Hanko Photography, they can't believe how much fun it was to be photographed. That's because David's easygoing manner and incredibly bad sense of humor help put you at ease. Plus, you can bring your own tunes to play, and a friend or parent can come along to help you relax even more.

But, what if the portraits don’t look like you want? Last year over 99% of David Hanko Photography's seniors, absolutely loved their portraits. It is nice to know that if you don't, no way are you stuck with them.  In fact, you're covered by, our better than money back guarantee---which means:

At David Hanko Photography, your mind is completely at ease because if you don’t like your original  previews, for any reason, (and I do mean any reason) we’ll do additional poses to your satisfaction.  No hassles, ever.  We’ll just do it, or, we’ll refund your entire session fee!

Plus, if your finished portraits don't turn out exactly as you thought they would, let us know (prior to leaving the studio with them) and we will make them over to your liking.


The reason you won't find a guarantee like this anywhere else is because most studios couldn't afford to live up to it!  Fact is, DAVID HANKO PHOTOGRAPHY is one of the few studios that adheres to such high standards of photography, service and integrity that we can deliver excellence first time, every time.

When you choose DAVID HANKO PHOTOGRAPHY for your senior portraits, you'll have the confidence that you'll get what you want, when you want it, with no hype, no double-talk and no excuses—ever!






Finally, you are probably saying, "But, my school says I have to go TO their yearbook photographer to be in the yearbook!That's true, you do.  And, as important as the yearbook will be as a directory of fellow classmates to refer to in future years (who was that kid that sat behind me in math?) will it show who you really were at this special time in in your life?  Maybe, not.  But, we will, guaranteed!  At the end of this page is a special offer for you.

Unfortunately, many seniors make the mistake of settling for their yearbook photo or selecting a senior photographer without researching what they're really getting for their money. At DAVID HANKO PHOTOGRAPHY, you always get MUCH more than you pay for. That's true value! It’s the reason more and more seniors come to us, year after year.


For example, when you call for your appointment at our studio, we will be there from your very first call right through the delivery of your finished order. Our team is fanatical about getting everything perfect, the first time. You'll be amazed at the skill and friendliness you’ll find at DAVID HANKO PHOTOGRAPHY.

Right after your appointment is scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation letter in the mail that tells you everything you'll need to know about getting ready for your session. In it you'll find easy directions to the studio; complete information on what clothes, props, jewelry and other “stuff” to bring; what to do about hair and makeup; how to deal with the dreaded zit and who you should bring with you to help you feel more comfortable.

Everything—and I mean everythingyou will need to know about getting ready for your session is included in our letter. We want you to be completely prepared, so that you feel comfortable when you arrive. Because if you feel good, you'll look great!

But, the service doesn't stop there. Our phone line is open to you for any questions you might have.  Also, you have the option of E-mailing your questions. We'll even call you the day before your session to see if you have any last minute needs or questions.

We would never leave anything to chance for an event as important as your senior portrait!


Here are the special offers I mentioned above.

1. If you call before July 20th and book your appointment before Sept. 30th, you get 70% off your senior session.

2. Bring your receipt from your schools yearbook photographer showing the publication fee (sitting fee).  We will deduct up to twice that amount from your portrait order.  This is our way of thanking you for coming to a second photographer.

3. Register for our weekly drawing by clicking here.

4. Be one of the first 5 students from your school to call for an appointment and get a basic studio session for $5.00 (a $50.00 value).


Our updated senior portrait gallery can be found here.

See all of the Senior Sessions we offer here.

Register for our free weekly drawing here.

What others are saying about us can be found here.